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About Revive Photographic

It's all about pictures in today's world. We understand that taking great pictures of yourself isn't always easy. You can't rely on your friends to capture your finest perspectives for you if you want to have an appealing Instagram feed or Tinder images. Sometimes life needs hiring a professional photographer to capture jaw-dropping selfies. We're here to assist you in getting those images. At Revive Photographic, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality, professional photography that is carefully enhanced by our in-house editing staff.

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Our services

Here's what our studio has to offer:

Photo Printing

Technology has helped us out a lot through maintaining data and information in a small device, but a good old photograph that you can hold in your hands is no comparison.


Great lightning, professional photographers, creative minds, and a whole lot of expertise will get you the perfect photoshoot.


Apart from being professionals in photography, we also offer videography sessions.

Studio Lighting

Being a crucial part of taking good photographs, we provide professional lighting that can be changed and adapted to specific needs.

Photo Editing

Our experts will enhance your features and make your photographs better than ever. Through multiple color and lightning enhancers, the results are astonishing.


In case you have a specific request regarding theme, lightning, colors, clothes, or anything else, we're willing to adapt.


Have a look at some of our latest work

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Pricing Plan

We've set up 3 pricing plan packages to make it a bit easier for you. Here those are:



  • Half-Day Event
  • 10 Printed High-res Images
  • 3 Framed Images
  • Up to 100 High-res Images



  • Full-Day Event
  • 30 Printed High-res Images
  • 5 Framed Images
  • Up to 200 High-res Images



  • 2 Day Event
  • 50 Printed High-res Images
  • 10 Framed Images
  • Up to 400 High-res Images

Clients Testimonials

Team Member

Quality work needs creative professionals. We present you the fundamentals of our company. Our professional photographers..

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Patricia Ledesma

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